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Corporate Governance

Petroholland Company is constantly improving its corporate governance practices and management instruments.

Petroholland Company complies with the rules and regulations of the corporate affairs in Singapore and The Netherlands.

Abroad, Petroholland Company complies with the norms of each countries rules and regulations of the Ministry of Energy for the petroleum industry.

The Company uses management procedures that are consistent with the standards of the markets it serves, aiming to ensure the adoption of international standards.

Whistle Blowing Policy;

It is the desire and aim of the Petroholland Company (Pte) Ltd (Singapore), to develop, promote and maintain high standards of corporate governance within the Group. The Group does not tolerate any corporate impropriety, malpractice or wrongdoing by staff in the course of their work.

Employees are often the first to realise that there may be irregularities within a company. However, employees may not express their concerns for fear of being disloyal to their colleagues or to the company. They may also be afraid of discrimination or harassment. In such circumstances employees may feel that it is best to ignore the concern rather than report. Similarly, External parties who have dealings with the company (such as customers and suppliers) may also avoid raising a concern of potential irregularities for the same reasons.

This policy establishes a framework for whistle blowing without fear of reprisals and provides for independent investigations of such matters and appropriate follow up actions.